July 2, 2017

Reby Hardy Trashes Lita on Social Media, Responds to Online Criticism From Fans

A fan of Reby Hardy's put together a collage of photos on Twitter, and in response, Reby wasn't too fond of Lita being included in the mix.

As you all know, Lita and Matt Hardy have a strained personal history that eventually played out on WWE TV between Matt and Edge.

Once seeing the photo, Reby responded by calling Lita a "Hoe":
don't tag my kids in pictures with this hoe
— Reby Hardy (@RebyHardy) July 1, 2017
After receiving some backlash, Reby followed up with a number of tweets:
Common sense above all. If you can't come at me with it, you don't deserve respect in return.

A lot of yall got daddy issues for how mad you are that I'm extra when it comes to my kiddos... sorry your parents hate you, bruh.

Baby twitter account:
If I didn't, you'd complain that every post on every platform was about them. Damn, never had a parent proud of u ? ??

Do I give off the vibe that I'm timid ? Is that what you are interpreting here ? ?? https://t.co/wOCfGhcEwU

You guys send me your unwarranted opinions on every aspect of my life all day, every day, but get mad when I call a spade a spade. What ?
— Reby Hardy (@RebyHardy) July 1, 2017


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