August 29, 2017

Emma on Why Bayley and Sasha Banks Should Thank Her,, Mae Young Classic First Episode Match Highlights, Reactions From The Winners

- Last night's WWE RAW in Memphis saw Emma defeat Mickie James with the stipulation being that if Emma won, Mickie had to tweet any hashtag that Emma wanted. If Mickie won, Emma would no longer be able to take credit for the women's revolution.

Emma tweeted a list of hashtags for Mickie to re-tweet but Mickie has not complied as of this writing. In the Fallout video below, Emma talks to Mike Rome and continues to insist that she started the women's revolution. Emma points to WWE Shop and how there are almost 100 items for Sasha Banks and Bayley combined, while she has none. This leads to a new hashtag for her ongoing Twitter campaign - #GiveEmmaATshirt.

- WWE posted highlights from the first four matches of the Mae Young Classic on their YouTube channel, as well as reactions from the winners, which you can watch below. The matches are from the first episode of the series.

The first four episodes of the Mae Young Classic are now available on the WWE Network.

Princesa Sugehit defeats Kay Lee Ray:

Serena Deeb defeated Vanessa Borne:

Shayna Baszler defeated Zeda via submission with a rear-naked choke:

Abbey Laith defeated Jazzy Gabert:


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