August 16, 2017

Lana Says No One Will Kill Her Dream, Promises to Continue Wrestling

As noted, Lana made it known on last night's SmackDown that she plans to use her "ravishing ways" to guide Tamina Snuka to the SmackDown Women's Title.

Lana tweeted the following on taking Tamina to the top, also confirming that she still plans to wrestle some.

I took @RusevBUL to the top. Now I'll make history by being the 1st woman to manage another woman & take @TaminaSnuka to the top #SDLive

I WILL never stop wrestling because I love wrestling. Think what you want but no one will kill my dream & ambition to work on my wrestling

Don't worry, I will never stop training to be a wrestler because I love wrestling but I also want to make other women great that deserve it
— CJ (Lana) Perry (@LanaWWE) August 16, 2017


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