August 9, 2017

Nikki Bella In The Front Row At SummerSlam?, Charlotte And Becky's 'Tea Time', Renee Young - Noelle Foley

- Below is video of Noelle Foley interviewing Renee Young at the recent San Diego Comic Con event. Renee confirms that she found out about the cancellation of Talking Smack via Twitter a few weeks back. She says she's bummed about the show being nixed and she hopes it will be brought back in some form in the future.

Regarding an in-ring or managerial role with WWE, Renee says she would love to do a little more "colorful stuff" as she has a background in acting, improv and comedy. Renee says she's not sure if she could handle working on-screen with her husband Dean Ambrose. Renee also talks about her first Comic Con experience, playing with toys as a kid, having fun with her job and more.

- Nikki Bella indicated on Twitter that she will be sitting in the front row at WWE SummerSlam as John Cena faces Baron Corbin in singles action. As seen below, Nikki replied to Corbin's post-SmackDown tweet with some trash talk to Mr. Money In the Bank today:
And I can't wait to sit front row and see him slap that mouth right off your face!????????No one gives & inspires as much as that man does. N
— Nikki & Brie (@BellaTwins) August 9, 2017
- Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair posted this "Tea Time" video after Flair's win over Lana on last night's SmackDown in Toronto:


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