August 12, 2017

Road Dogg Wants NXT Women's Star On SmackDown, Nikki Bella On Women's Tag Titles

- Below, Nikki Bella does another Q&A with her fans about which WWE Stars she would invite to her wedding and if there should be women's tag titles in the WWE. Nikki responded:
"Being in a former tag team, I definitely think there should be a tag team [title], plus you get more women involved. ...I think it would be cool to have the tag team titles on Raw since it's a three hour show - and SmackDown being two hours - there has to be time for it."

- WWE highlighted one of their NXT Stars and Mae Young Classic competitors, Sarah Logan (previously known as Crazy Mary Dobson). On Twitter, SmackDown Writer, Road Dogg, already let it be known that he wants her on his show.


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