August 31, 2017

Sexy Star Finally Comments On Rosemary Incident, Says "I Was Doing What I Had to Do, What People Deserve" (Video)

As noted, Sexy Star injured Rosemary's shoulder during their Reina de Reinas Championship Match (which also included Lady Shani & Ayako Hamada) at AAA's TripleMania XXV event.

Since then, Rosemary has responded to what happened, commenting that Sexy Star tried to say it was a work, which Rosemary wanted to make very clear that it wasn't. While a number of wrestling stars have reacted to the incident, Sexy Star has already felt the backlash, getting pulled from a WrestleCade Weekend event.

In the video below, Sexy Star was asked about the incident and here was here response, which is translated roughly from Spanish.

"These days have been very difficult for me," Sexy Star said. "On Saturday, I had a championship fight [and it] was very hard. I think it all went out of hand. I do not know, it's a situation that right now, I'm a bit confused. I want to be silent and when I feel it is time [to] touch the subject. Men, women, they want to finish me, retire from this sport. I'm here. As I said at the outset: I will not stop, on behalf of all women who have been mistreated, physically or psychologically. I think I have to be stronger. If at that moment I went through a depression and left, I will leave this one too. I was doing what I had to do, what people deserve, give me a claw until the end. That happened, I gave it up. It seems that the girl is injured. I do not know. I do not know, is the only that I can say."


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