August 18, 2017

Triple H on Asuka Being Called Up, Her Undefeated Streak, More

Triple H talked to USA today about NXT Women’s Champion Asuka ahead of her match against Ember Moon at NXT takeover Brooklyn III tomorrow night at the Barclays Center. Here are some highlights:

On the possibility of Asuka being called up during the WWE draft last year:
“I would never want to limit someone’s growth or their opportunities, but when Vince brought it up to me, I said the one person we can’t afford to lose is Asuka. You could take everybody else you want to take – and trust me, he did – but I need her as an anchor. If I lose her and everybody else, I’m doomed.”
On her undefeated streak and long title reign during the modern era of WWE:
“It’s the faith to say that you’re that person and to say that if you hold that championship that the belief is there in you to lead a division or a company or a group and to be in that position. For somebody like her, here’s that faith for that long of a period of time and we’re not beating you, we’re keeping a championship on you and keeping it fresh. That’s a pretty bold statement of how good you are.”
On signing Asuka:
“When we signed her, it made everybody already inside look at who we were bringing in and they were seeing what I was seeing – this girl is going to change the game,” Levesque said. “That’s why I wanted to bring her in. I could see what she had and how I took her into morphing and really helping make this change to the product. I think she’s done that. She’s changed the main roster too and how the girls work and that intensity level.”


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