September 2, 2017

GFW Turning The Rosemary - Sexy Star Incident Into a Story?

As noted, last weekend Sexy Star purposefully injured Rosemary's shoulder at AAA's TripleMania XXV event. Rosemary has been adamant that this situation was real and not a story, although, GFW uploaded a video covering the situation earlier today.

The video below shows a number of clips from the AAA event and backstage area. In an interview with Jeff Jarrett, he said, "it got tense."

According to PWInsider, GFW sources have already reached out to them to make it clear while they are going to cover the situation that happened at TripleMania, it will not involve a storyline or any plan to bring Sexy Star into the company. GFW is building a GFW vs. AAA storyline and the sources said since it's been such a big talking point among fans, they wanted to cover what happened between Rosemary and Sexy Star.

On Twitter, Rosemary has since provided an update on her injury, saying it's a strained tricep/bicep with swelling around the area and that time away from the ring should be minimal.


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