September 27, 2017

Lana Tries to Make Tamina Ravishing

Lana and Tamina Snuka did not appear on this week's WWE SmackDown but they are in this new Fallout video as Lana's Ravishing Journey for Tamina to take the SmackDown Women's Title continues.

Lana says she's been studying potential opponents for Tamina and reading Charlotte Flair's new "Second Nature" book to prepare. The Ravishing Russian says Tamina will soon be the most feared woman and the most ravishing. Lana finishes doing Tamina's make-up and calls it perfect but Tamina looks in a mirror and isn't impressed with the new look. Lana says Tamina is missing one thing - blonde hair, which she will deliver on next week. Lana walks off and leaves Tamina unsure about the changes.


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