September 7, 2017

Video of Taya Valkyrie's Debut at Impact Wrestling, Laurel Van Ness Lost Her Mind... Again

- As seen below, Former AAA Reina de Reina champion Taya Valkyrie made her debut on tonight's episode of Impact.

While Rosemary fought off Sienna and Taryn Terrell, Taya made her way to the ring. Initially looking to face Sienna, Taya turned her attention to Rosemary and took her out in the middle of the ring.

- To stay in the U.S. Grado has been looking to get married, and almost did to Laurel Van Ness, until he found out she was Canadian. Tonight, Grado ended up calling off the wedding with Laurel, who promptly lost her mind, again. On Twitter, Laurel said the "hot mess express" is back and let everyone know she's fine, really.


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