October 1, 2017

Angelina Love on Her Favorite Opponent, Chance of a Beautiful People Reunion, Gail Kim’s Retirement and More

Angelina Love spoke with the Huffington Post UK to discuss her time with Impact Wrestling, the Beautiful People, Gail Kim’s pending retirement and more. Highlights of the interview below.

On Gail Kim’s retirement: 
“I honestly thought Gail would wrestle forever, I really did. But she’s smart. Her back has been bothering her for a long time I think and she’s going to be an agent. I think we all knew that was coming for her. She’s always going to want to be involved and I’m always going to be the same way as well. I think that will be a really good position for her because she’s very helpful. I would like to be the one to retire her! So, we’ll see but good for her. She’s doing it on her terms and in one piece!”
On the idea of transitioning to a wrestling agent: 
“I think that would be wonderful! Yes, absolutely. I have a lot of knowledge. I do a lot of seminars and everyone seems to find them beneficial. I love teaching people and helping people get more of this thing that they love, which can be very hard to get. So, I think that would be a wonderful future position.”
On the chance of a Beautiful People reunion: 
“I don’t think so. Not our version. Velvet has retired from action. She’ll still do appearances and such but she doesn’t want to wrestle anymore. I wish that we hadn’t have gotten broken up as many times as we did. The last time we tried to put it together, four days prior to those tapings, I found out I was pregnant and had to get written off right away. It would have been cool to do that version of the Beautiful People but clearly, God had other plans for me – which is wonderful because I love my son to the moon and back. Velvet and I – it’s something nobody can ever take away from us – what we did with that. It blew up and it was so fun. A lot of people were trying to do the same thing. We were put into tag-team of the year polls in magazines with Beer Money and tag teams in WWE. It was cool to be thought of on that level with the guys because you hadn’t really seen that with women before but we had a blast. I don’t think it will happen again with all of us. Madison isn’t in GFW anymore, so I’m the only one that’s there. We do appearances, I think we’re doing one at a convention together. Being able to do stuff like that is really fun.”
Her favorite opponent on Impact Wrestling: 
“Oooh, I’m terrible at the favourites game. I never have one favourite anything. The things is, everybody brought out something special. I would say that I liked working against Velvet the least because it just felt like sacrilege, that we should not be doing this ever. Not that we didn’t have fun with it but just with how big our Beautiful People thing was, I just don’t think we should have done it. And it hurt us personally too, we didn’t like it. Madison was fun to feud with, I was married to her on the road for a while. Taylor Wilde. Kong – love her, just to itty bitty pieces. Mickie was fun, Victoria, everybody brought something different. Gail, I was always thinking outside the box with her. So, I can’t pick one favourite but I have reasons for favourites in all of those.”


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