October 27, 2017

Brie Bella WWE Return Update, Charlotte Flair And Paige Want A Rematch, Natalya On Lana Being High Maintenance & Nia Jax

- Below is video of SmackDown Women's Champion Natalya talking to BUILD about the season 7 premiere of Total Divas, which premieres on November 1st. Regarding Carmella, Nia Jax and RAW Women's Champion Alexa Bliss joining the cast, Natalya says it's nice having new blood that come on the show and mix things up. She's built a bond with Carmella, who is now one of her closest friends on the blue brand. Natalya says they both agree that being a heel is a lot more fun than being a babyface, and that Carmella is one she can always vent to.

Natalya also noted that she and Carmella both deal with Lana on the show a lot. Natalya says Lana is great but she's also high maintenance a lot of the time, joking that she doesn't know how Rusev does it. Natalya says it's also great having Nia Jax on the show as they didn't know a lot about each other until they started filming together. Natalya says she started falling in love with Nia's ability to just speak her mind as she got to know her. She says if Nia doesn't like something, she says it and wears her heart on her sleeve. Natalya added that working with Nia made her want to be a lot more open and honest.

- Charlotte Flair and Paige had the following Twitter exchange in response to WWE tweeting their Divas Title match from the 2015 Survivor Series pay-per-view:
Ready for a rematch!!!!!
— Charlotte Flair (@MsCharlotteWWE) October 27, 2017

My girlllll me too!!!
— PAIGE (@RealPaigeWWE) October 27, 2017
- We noted last week how Brie Bella revealed in a YouTube video that she was set to begin training for her WWE return in early November. Brie added that she's looking to return to the ring in 2018 with Nikki Bella for an in-ring reunion of The Bella Twins. Brie is hoping to return in 2018 as she and Daniel Bryan are planning on trying for their second kid in late 2018. Brie spoke with E! News this week and talked more about the comeback.

"Definitely 2018 for sure," she dished. "Especially because I would like to have a second baby and I'm not going to start trying until after I make my comeback. So we let the boss know whenever he's ready for us.

"Granted I do have to do some training. I got into the ring and trained a couple times and I realized that my journey's a little longer than I expected," she admits. "So I'm starting next week, I'm going to start working with a personal trainer and we're really gonna get me back in shape. Especially in ring shape, there's a difference. So once I feel like boom, I'm ready for that then we're going back together."


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