October 9, 2017

Emma to Face Asuka at WWE TLC

As seen on tonight's episode of WWE RAW, Emma won a Fatal 5 Way over Sasha Banks, Bayley, Dana Brooke and Alicia Fox to earn the shot against Asuka in her main roster debut at the WWE TLC pay-per-view.

Earlier in the evening, the featured female Superstars all met with Raw General Manager Kurt Angle all determined to be Asuka’s first opponent in her main roster match.

During the Five Way Elimination match, Dana Brooke was the first woman to be eliminated after Bayley landed a Bayley-to-Belly Suplex. Shortly afterwards, Sasha tried to roll up Bayley for the three count but only earned a two count.

The pin attempt caused a riffle between the two usually friendly Superstars and Alicia Fox capitalized the moment to hit a Scissors Kick on Bayley for the second elimination of the match.

The remaining three Superstars continued to battle it out until Sasha locked in the Bank Statement onto Alicia for the third elimination. Emma quickly ran in to then roll Sasha up for the three count and right to face Asuka at TLC.final elimination

Already announced for TLC is the Raw Women’s Championship match that will see Alexa Bliss defend her title against Mickie James.


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