October 31, 2017

Kelly Kelly Open To Return, Buzzfeed - WWE PC (Video)

- E! News has a short interview with Barbie Blank, f.k.a. Kelly Kelly in WWE. During the interview, Blank said that she is open to returning to the ring.

"Like I tell everybody, there is no feeling like walking through that curtain and having the fans chant your name," Blank said. "That's a feeling unlike anything else.

I always say, 'Never say never.' I'm only 30 and my body's still intact. I may have a few more matches in me. You never know!"

- Buzzfeed posted this video of Michelle Khare and Sydnee training "like WWE Superstars" at the WWE Performance Center. At the end of the video, they were evaluated by Naomi and Charlotte, who praised their characters and promo ability.


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