November 16, 2017

Must See Eva Marie Clip, More On What Emma Is Asking For With Post-WWE Bookings

- We noted last week via The Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Emma, who will be using her real name Tenille Dashwood on the indies next year, was asking $2,000 per match for future post-WWE bookings. The Observer notes this week that the $2,000 per show figure is for events outside of North America in Europe, Japan or other markets.

She's asking $1,500 per North American show, plus round-trip airfare, hotel and ground transportation. Emma is also asking for a 50/50 split on autograph & picture money, plus 100% of money from her own other merchandise. As noted, she's also asking for creative control. The Observer adds that this includes the ability to approve her opponents and do her own finishes. When taking bookings, Emma is asking for a 50% deposit up-front.

- Below is a new hot clip of former WWE star Eva Marie:


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