November 4, 2017

Real Reason Taya Valkyrie Won't Be At Bound For Glory

As noted, Impact Wrestling announced on Twitter that Taya Valkyrie will not be at this Sunday's Bound for Glory PPV or the TV tapings that will take place in the days after. Impact did note they look forward to seeing her in 2018.

According to PWInsider, the reason for the change was due to Valkyrie having trouble getting back into the U.S. after the tapings. Valkyrie was born in Canada, but permanent residency in the U.S. wasn't completed in time. Instead of taking the risk of Valkyrie not being able to come back to the country, Impact decided to pull the match. There's not said to be any heat on Taya and Impact plans on using her in their tapings that will take place in January.

While Impact has yet to announce what they plan to do with Rosemary at the PPV, Rosemary did comment on a future match, saying by January it will be "beyond bloodlust" and instead a "blood frenzy."


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