November 7, 2017

Several Names Receive WWE Tryouts During UK Tour (Photos)

WWE have announced that five women received tryouts during their UK tour: Pro Wrestling EVE Champion Sammii Jayne, Little Miss Roxxy, Kasey Owens, Courtney Steward (Isla Dawn), and Amarah.

You can read WWE’s UK Tryout announcement and profile of the female attendees below:

WWE’s tour of the United Kingdom has brought with it not just the thrilling action of Raw and SmackDown LIVE, but also a golden opportunity for 28 athletes who attended a tryout this week in Manchester, England.

NXT General Manager William Regal and WWE Performance Center Coach Robbie Brookside, both masters of the classic British style of wrestling, oversaw the tryout, which was held Monday and Tuesday at the Manchester Arena.

The camp featured a diverse pool of prospects, including:

  • Donna Dale, aka Little Miss Roxy, a fire-eating former gymnast who has competed professionally for three years, including for English promotions Absolute Wrestling and Tidal Wrestling
  • Six-year veteran Samantha Hunter, aka Sammii Jayne, a reigning women’s champion in Spain and England.
  • 23-year-old Courtney Stewart, a Glaswegian kickboxer-turned-wrestler who has competed in the U.K., the United States and Japan.
  • Folakemi Lawal, a 26-year-old bruiser who also goes by the name “Voodoo Queen” Amarah. She has competed in promotions including Bellatrix Female Warriors and Wrestle Force.
  • Kelly Robinson, better known as Kasey Owens, a seven-year veteran based out of Glasgow and a former ICW Women’s Champion.

Here are some photos:


Cortney Steward

Kasy Owens

Little Miss Roxxy

Sammii Jayne


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