December 3, 2017

Alberto El Patron On WHy He Broke Up With Paige, Paige's Glampire Diaries

- In this video, Paige and former WWE Superstar, Rosa Mendes, try out a makeup tutorial on Paige's Camera Operator, Jake. This is on Paige's Glampire Diaries YouTube channel that started up in November and now has just over 20k subscribers.

- While appearing on Konnan’s podcast, former WWE Superstar Alberto El Patron confirmed reports that he had Paige have broken up.

El Patron claims the split was due to them living so far apart and not being able to see each other with their busy schedules. He also said “they” wouldn’t allow her to come to San Antonio, referring to WWE.

Patrom said the split happened weeks ago and their relationship had a lot of stress because they were always in-and-out of the media and they decided it was time to break up. This is why they never made an official announcement, according to El Patron. He also discussed how one of her friends uploaded a video of Paige mentioning being single to social media. You can listen to his remarks below:


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