December 22, 2017

Becky Lynch Status Update, Lana Claus And Rusev Claus Talk MMC

- It looks like Becky Lynch has wrapped her scenes for WWE Studios' "The Marine 6" movie that comes out some time next year. She tweeted the following after returning home to Ireland. As noted, WWE recently figured Becky into SmackDown creative plans for January.

She wrote:

I've landed in Ireland and there's nothing like home soil to recharge your powers. Charm REFUELLED 100%. Harm REFUELLED 100%. I can feel the history of 1000s of years of slaps and dis-arm-hers in the air. #SDLive roster be warned... #BeckysBackSoon #FullOfCharmFullOfHarm

- Rusev Claus and Lana Claus posted the following video to tease their potential team in the WWE Mixed Match Challenge that airs on Facebook Watch in January:


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