December 21, 2017

Beth Phoenix Talks Women’s Royal Rumble, Her & Chyna’s Rumble Appearances, Advice To Women Competing

WWE released a new interview with former Divas Champion and Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix. Here are some highlights:

On Stephanie McMahon announcing the first-ever WWE women’s Royal Rumble match:
“This isn’t something that occurred over a few years or even since I’ve been there. This has been a movement for women for decades,” The Glamazon told “The Royal Rumble Match is a vindication for all of the women who have worked so hard over the years, and really, truly believed in themselves and the quality that they could produce. I feel like everybody’s contribution built to this moment.”
On her and Chyna’s Royal Rumble match appearances:
“Chyna was the woman that made me say ‘Whoa, I want to do something like that. I want to change the game,’” Phoenix said of Chyna’s Royal Rumble Match participation. “For me to be given an opportunity like that, I felt like it was a glass ceiling-breaking moment. It might not have changed the game, so to speak, but I felt like it put a little crack in that ceiling. I took it as such an honor.”
On her advice to the women competing in the match:
“Take a second and just be,” she said. “Enjoy that moment, and revel in that history that you’re making — that page you’re writing in the book of wrestling that no one can ever take away from you.”
You can read the full interview at this link.


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