December 18, 2017

BREAKING NEWS: 1st Ever Women's Royal Rumble Match Announced (Video)

Moments ago during tonight's episode of WWE RAW, Stephanie McMahon announced the 1st ever Women's Royal Rumble.

Stephanie says a revolution started three years ago by the women in the ring and on Smackdown. Stephanie says you turned the revolution into an evolution. The diva division turned into the women's division. You have main evented shows and pay per views. We have had the first Money in the Bank match with women, the first Hell in a Cell match, and they had the first women's match in the Middle East.

Stephanie says it is time to make history again. She announces an all-women's Royal Rumble match for the first time at the January 28th pay-per-view. Stephanie says if there ever was a time for a "Yes!" chant it's now and the crowd gives her one.


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