December 25, 2017

Charlotte Discusses Potential WWE Debut of Ronda Rousey

Charlotte Flair recently spoke with Brian Fritz of and issued a message to Ronda Rousey ahead of a potential WWE debut by the former UFC Champion.

"What's exciting about Ronda being a part of WWE is all the different eyes that she attracts towards the women's division as a whole. I think that's what cool," Flair said. "Ronda is an attraction. Any buzz that puts the women on a different or a higher level, I'm all for. She's a star that would be a crossover star into our world and that's exciting. That goes to show how far the women have come, that someone like Ronda Rousey wants to be a part of something that all the women have collectively built.

"My message to Ronda would be she knows where to find me. I'm on 'SmackDown Live' every Tuesday."


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