December 5, 2017

Paige Returns To The Ring, Absolution Continues to Make a Statement on RAW (Videos)

Tonight on Monday Night Raw (Dec 4th), Paige competed in her first WWE match in over a year when she went one-on-one with Sasha Banks. Paige had her Absolution teammates Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose at ringside while Mickie James and Bayley accompanied Sasha Banks.

Looking for some payback after following last week’s attack, Sasha brought a fast-paced fight to Paige and kept her grounded via submission holds during the first half of the match.

When Sasha went for the Bank Statement, Paige was able to counter out of it. She began to set up for the Rampaige but Sasha was able to escape by shoving Paige to the outside, leading a standoff between the women.

Paige was able to turn things around after knocking Sasha off the second turnbuckle during the commercial break and continued her momentum by hitting a top rope Sunset Flip Powerbomb. The two Superstars would begin to trade blows, ending with Sasha locking the Bank Statement. Paige managed to break the hold after reaching the her foot to the bottom rope.

After escaping the Bank Statement, Paige rolled to the outside to try and recover. Sasha stayed in pursuit and tossed Paige back to ring while a brawl broke out between the women at ringside. Absolution were able to get the better of Mickie and Bayley, causing a small distraction to Sasha, who was then hit in the face with a boot followed by the Rampaige from Paige, awarding her with the win in her return match.

Post-match, Absolution continued their attack on Sasha, standing tall in the end.

Later in the evening, Asuka defeated Alicia Fox and in a scenario much like last week, Absolution resurfaced to surround the ring during Asuka’s victory celebration.

Asuka was ready for a fight but Absolution remained on the outside until Asuka headed to the back. Meanwhile, Paige took the mic to assure Alicia Fox that she didn’t want to hurt her and referred to her as her “best friend.”

Paige then turned the attention to Sonya and Mandy, who went on to enter the ring to attack Alicia.


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