December 27, 2017

The Latest On Laurel Van Ness’ Impact Contract Status

Knockouts champion Laurel Van Ness was recently interviewed by The Orlando Sentinel.

During the interview, Laurel revealed that her contract with Impact Wrestling expires in June of 2018.

Below are some highlights:

Winning the Impact Knockouts title:

"I'm definitely proud. It's something I worked really hard for. For me, a couple of things bring me down to earth. Just because I have the belt doesn't mean I'm the best in the world – it means the company trusts me enough and has faith in my ability. They know I'll bring 110 percent every time. So I'm nervous but excited to show there's a reason I have this."

Recent reports that she requested her release from Impact Wrestling:

"Nothing fazes me anymore. That Knockouts locker room is my constant. We focus on us, our friendships and our match quality and we can't think about anything else. Our job is to put on the best show possible for you, and that's what we want."

The Van Ness character:

Almost everything with Laurel since that first promo has come from me, from my ideas. If they don’t like something, they’ll pull me back, but I’m really proud of that character’s development. Who Laurel is isn’t at all who Chelsea is, but it’s really brought me out of my shell as a performer.


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