January 15, 2018

Backstage Update on Paige's Injury and WWE Status

It was reported over the weekend via PWInsider that Paige’s in-ring career is basically over after she suffered an injury in a match with Sasha Banks three weeks ago.

Dave Meltzer discussed Paige’s status and said that Paige has been declared “medically disqualified to WWE” after the recent injury. Meltzer explained that the doctor that operated on her neck told her not to come back to wrestling, however WWE doctors cleared her anyways.

The injury is being described as a “freak accident” and it’s unknown at this time if any blame is being placed on Banks or whoever decided on doing the spot in the first place. Bryan Alvarez pointed out that this spot in the match never should have occurred, given Paige’s history with her injury. Alvarez questioned if WWE would ever have Steve Austin take a piledriver after he broke his neck the first time.

Paige is inbound for tonight’s RAW in San Antonio, Texas. It remains to be seen if WWE has her announce her retirement on tonight’s show or hold off for a later date.


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