January 24, 2018

Former WWE Writer Criticizes How The Women Legends Were Used At RAW 25

Former WWE writer Tom Casiello was critical of how these legends were utilized on the Raw 25 show.

Casiello was released from his role in 2016 as the managing lead writer, who oversaw the Raw & SmackDown writing teams.

During his time in the WWE, he was instrumental in bringing a stronger presence to the women's division, and also convinced Vince McMahon for Sasha Banks and Charlotte to headline the Hell in a Cell event in 2016.

Although he has made it clear in past tweets that he loved working with WWE and there was no bitterness involved in his release, he did have this to say about what he saw on Raw 25.
It was incredible seeing all the women who paved the way for the Women's Revolution on stage tonight. I especially loved how they were just on the stage for a pop. #TheresStillSoMuchWorkToBeDone ??

It was a shame they were relegated to standing and waving. They're icons, and deserved better. Not looking for the Main Event, or taking over the whole show. But "they looked great" and "it was good to see them" shouldn't be the only thing one can say about it.

— Tom Casiello (@tommiecas) January 23, 2018


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