January 31, 2018

Kiera Hogan Talks Impact Wrestling Debut, Inspirations Growing Up, More

In an introductory interview with Josh Matthews, Kiera Hogan discusses her Impact debut, who inspired her to get into wrestling and aspirations.

On her debut match against Laurel Van Ness:
“Being the newest Knockout, I have to do my research about all my opponents and my upcoming opportunities. I know she is pretty crazy but she’s never experienced like the Girl on Fire. I’m excited. If I do get to beat her, do you know what that would mean for me as being the newest person on Impact. I think that would be an amazing opportunity to have a Knockouts Championship match.”
Inspirations growing up:
“Well first off I have to say that my idol is Mickie James. She is a former Impact Knockout, which is amazing to me to even be in the same place she once was. Mickie James, Melina, Gail Kim. I started watching wrestling in 2006, so I have a lot of people who were my inspirations growing up. Mickie James is definitely where I get a lot of my spunk from. Melina, Angelina Love, I do a lot more of my catty backhanded stuff. I usually try and stay away from that because I’m too friendly and kind-hearted but those three were definitely my inspiration behind who I am as a wrestler.”
On her Impact Wrestling debut:
“I’m more excited than nervous, definitely, because of the opportunity. To be a part of Impact but to be in an actual Impact ring in the Impact Zone is definitely more nerve. I just want to make the best first impression. I want to be able to show everybody who the Girl on Fire really is, who Kiera Hogan really is. I hope my first impression is the best impression.”


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