January 30, 2018

Missy Hyatt Says Paige Has Herself To Blame For Her Career Ending Early (Video)

Former WCW and ECW personality Missy Hyatt had some advice for Paige and others who want to keep their name clear, as seen in the video below.

"Nowadays, with social media, don't take anything that you don't want to get out," Hyatt told The Hannibal TV. "Cuz everybody's got cameras nowadays, so when you're out in public, be on your best behavior. Watch your P's and Q's because you never know when someone has a camera, and sees you either fighting with your boyfriend, or doing something stupid. So, don't do it."

Hyatt also shared her thoughts on Paige, who was forced to end her WWE in-ring career following a WWE Live event match involving Sasha Banks.

"Overall, I think she had an opportunity to do something and to have a really, really great run, and I think she spoiled it," Hyatt said. "I think it's sad, because she could have had a really great run, and make a lot of money and probably never have to work again... I heard WWE didn't want her to have the neck surgery, but she pressed for the neck surgery, and [they're] like, you're too young to have the neck surgery."


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