January 22, 2018

Sunny Comments on MMC, Says Candice LeRae Is Too Ugly for the Main Roster

Former WWE Diva Sunny took to her Facebook account and commented on intergender wrestling and indicated that she’s not a fan of these types of matches.

“The most ridiculous stupid absurd most damaging thing to can ever happen to our business. That’s why it’s alll (sic) going to sh** in a handbasket so fast. Anyone who supports this should bury themselves alive.”

Sunny also decided to take a shot at Candice LeRae by saying she’s too ugly to make it on the main roster and that’s why they put her in developmental.

“And she was signed to ‘developmental’ right? Which means she’s too ugly to ever make the big show. Unless they give the girl some MAJOR plastic surgery. IE Bayley. Sorry. Had to be said.”

When a fan brought up Joey Ryan being able to make a good living (around $200,000 a year) while doing intergender matches, Sytch was quick to doubt that he actually makes that figure.

“Don’t you all realize that wrestling is a work and all wrestlers lie and exaggerate? I highly doubt he makes anywhere close to that. There is no money on the indies scene especially for someone who is 5’4″ and never made it to the big show. And no, TNA is NOT the big show. You’re forgetting who you’re talking to here. I’ve been around for 28 years.”


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