January 26, 2018

Taya Valkyrie Talks Returning to Impact Wrestling, Women’s Revolution, More

In an interview with Channel Guide, Taya discusses her anticipated return to Impact Wrestling, the difference between her Lucha Underground and Impact Wrestling character and working with Rosemary.

On returning to Impact Wrestling:
“I’m excited to get started again. This women’s roster is full of amazing characters and talent and artists and talented women that it’s really motivating to me and inspiring. I get different ideas for my character and moves and things like that. It’s really nice to be here even with all the changes that have been going on, I feel like it’s quite the family dynamic here at Impact. I feel like everyone is supporting each other, and we’re getting through this. Everything is going to be just fine.“
On the Women’s Revolution:
“There is so much being said about the women’s revolution. From WWE to what we do on Impact and Lucha Underground, everything is just so different. I think we just have to keep pumping out really great matches and show the world women are just as talented as the men, if not more. That we can draw. That people are interested in our storylines. That we can talk on camera. That we have something to say. And we can prove it all in that ring. I think that we have the capacity to do that here at Impact. With the women that we have here, I know we are going to rattle some cages and make some noise and really get people talking about what the knockout’s division can bring to the table.”
The difference between her LU and Impact Wrestling persona:
“I look at it the same way as a DC universe and Marvel universe. There is the Impact universe and Lucha Underground universe. From the way I carry myself to my moves to my finisher to my entrance. I’m not associated with a group here. I’m on my own for the first time. Taya here is a killer here. She is a bad ass. She takes nothing and knows she is the best. I feel like Taya on Lucha Underground is a different type of heel where Taya from Impact doesn’t run from a fight. She will stare it in the face and rip the person’s head off.”
On working with Rosemary:
“When we first met in August, I felt like I already knew her because we all knew the same people. It’s crazy how social media makes you feel like you know someone. It’s like, ‘I saw that picture of your dog.’ We just talk to each other like we’ve known each other forever. She is a Canadian like me, so that’s cool. I was excited to work with someone who does take their character so seriously because I feel like the essence of lucha libre is very character based with the costumes and this sort of secrecy that goes along with the characters and sense of mysticism. I feel like that is what she has. For me to bring my cool lucha libre, hybrid style with her and what she is doing, it was a golden opportunity. All we can do is try to make some magic for everybody, and I think we are doing it.”
Taya also discusses wrestling training and engagement with Johnny Impact.

You can read the full interview at this link.


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