January 10, 2018

WWE Pulling Paige from the Royal Rumble Event?, Why Alicia Fox Hasn't Tweeted

- It looks like Alicia Fox is dealing with some Twitter issues, which is why she never reacted to being announced as Goldust's partner for WWE's Mixed Match Challenge. Goldust tweeted the following today and noted that Alicia is locked out of her Twitter account:
I have been in contact with @AliciaFoxy and it seems she has been locked out of her account. She and I want you to know that we are excited, and ready to knock them all down! #WWEMMC #GoldenFox #VeteransRule @WWE
- It looks like Paige may not be able to get cleared in time to compete in the first-ever Women’s Royal Rumble match this month.

As previously noted, Paige suffered an injury during a match against Sasha Banks two weeks ago, when she was kicked in the face. While there is still a chance she could be clear, her head injury is said to be worse than the original prognostics.

We will keep you updated if Paige’s status changes but right now it’s not looking good for the former champion.


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