February 15, 2018

Bianca Belair Talks Being Scouted by Mark Henry

Bianca Belair recently spoke with Byron Saxton for the WWE website to discuss Black History Month and how she comes from a family of trailblazers in the Civil Rights movement. Belair also commented on how Mark Henry helped her get started on the path to WWE.

"Yes, Mark Henry saw me on the internet when I was at a CrossFit competition in Puerto Rico where I was competing and speaking on the microphone. I used to make my own outfits and wore over-the-top, unusual and colorful outfits when I competed. He contacted me and asked if I had ever thought about being a WWE Superstar because he believed I possessed a lot of the qualities in terms of being athletic, having a strong personality and being comfortable speaking in front of a crowd," Belair said. "He told me he could get me a tryout, but the rest was up to me. I took the opportunity full-force and put it all out there at my tryouts because for one, I wanted it, and two, I wanted to live up to his expectations. If he could believe in me, then I could believe in myself."

Check out the interview here.


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