February 4, 2018

Carmella Gets Questions About MITB Case, Natalya on Ronda Rousey's WWE Signing

- Natalya made an appearance on Cheddar and was asked what she thought of Rousey joining up with the WWE. Here are her thoughts:
"Ronda is a good friend of mine and somebody that I respect on a personal and professional level," Natalya said. "Last Sunday, we made history at the Royal Rumble, first ever Women's Royal Rumble match. We competed with women from the past, present, and the future of the WWE, and obviously Ronda made her debut. For me, it was exciting to welcome her to the WWE family, because she's a pioneer for women in sports and WWE is embracing this women's evolution and women empowerment."

"I feel like Ronda is going to do great with us," Natalya replied. "You know, everyday is different, time will tell, but I'm excited about her being there."
- On Twitter, Carmella filled in her fans about a chatty passenger that she had to sit next to during her flight. First, the man woke her for no reason and then proceeded to ask a number of questions about her MITB Case ("Do you work for a bank?) that was under her seat.


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