March 10, 2018

Carmella Cashing In Her Money in the Bank Contract at WrestleMania? Bianca Belair Customized Gear (Video)

WWE Carmella
- Below is a video from Bianca Belair's YouTube channel showing off how she gets ready for her match and how she put together her latest wrestling gear for under $60.

Belair had a match against local talent on this week's NXT where she won in decisive fashion.

- Brad Shepard of BodySlam Net reported on the recent installment of Backstage in WWE with Brad Shepard & Jon Fisher that there have been discussions of having Carmella finally cash in her Money in the Bank contract at WrestleMania and lose.
“Carmella, I’m told could very well cash in her Money in the Bank at WrestleMania and lose,” Brad revealed.
When Jon asked him why, Brad explained that Carmella knows that she isn’t going to be champion with Asuka holding the title so what better time to cash in than WrestleMania.
“Well apparently from what I heard she’s okay with it. She’s down to do it. She basically knows Asuka is going to be champ and she doesn’t have a chance of winning the championship from her so it’s kinda like, “you might as well make the most of losing. Why not WrestleMania?”


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