March 22, 2018

Carmella Responds To Criticism, Charlotte Flair Says Ronda Rousey Will Have To Earn Her Spot

- The Wrap this week released the interview above with SmackDown Women's Champion Charlotte Flair, which was conducted earlier this month. During the interview, Flair discussed Ronda Rousey joining WWE, noting that she will have to earn her spot.

"I think she just raises everyone's game … but I've said before, the easiest thing she'll do is sign a contract. We're on the road 265 days a year so she'll have to earn her spot and respect — right now, it's my ring," Flair told The Wrap. "But look what she's done in UFC. She has the work ethic, the confidence and what it takes. It's just a matter of learning our ways in WWE like in UFC. Coming from her background, she's going to be just fine."

- Carmella tweeted the following in response to fan criticism this week:


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