March 10, 2018

Charlotte On Potentially Facing Asuka And What Kind Of Match They Should Have

Charlotte On Potentially Facing Asuka And What Kind Of Match They Should Have
Charlotte spoke with Hollywood Life on potentially taking on Asuka and what kind of match she would want to have. Here are some of the highlights:

If Asuka chooses to face her at WrestleMania:

"Streaks are meant to be broken and we've never faced each other. I think if she does choose me, then 'The Empress' versus 'The Queen' is a WrestleMania moment. I want to break her streak. I want to be that woman who can say, 'I beat Asuka!'"

Wanting a regular match or a gimmick match against Asuka:

"You know, I thought about that. Maybe like a 'Falls Count Anywhere' match or an 'Iron Man' [match] but I think what will be so special is a regular match. No one has seen us in the ring before and we have such different backgrounds and styles. I don't think it needs any enhancement or name on the match. I think just seeing us go at it on the biggest stage of all is just as exciting."

What she still learns from Ric Flair:

"The one thing I love about my Dad is he knows who he is and he never second-guesses himself. He is just Ric Flair. I don't know how really to explain it, but if you watch the 30 For 30, he doesn't apologize for knowing that he is the best. He wakes up every morning and lives life to the fullest. I appreciate that. And him being so honest and not being afraid, and telling me how he did something well or this or that. It's just a hope that I can get to a point in my life where I don't second guess myself. That is what I learn from him everyday."

Charlotte also discussed being a role model. You can check out the full interview by clicking here.


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