March 19, 2018

Former Student Speaks Against Rumors of Pimping and Drugs by The Fabulous Moolah (Video)

Fabulous Moolah
As noted, WWE changed the name of The Fabulous Moolah Memorial Battle Royal after the public backlash over WWE paying tribute to the Hall of Famer.

Joyce Grable, a student of the Fabulous Moolah in the 1970s, commented on allegations made against Moolah over mistreating other women:

“I never experienced [pimping],” Grable said. “As far as I was concerned, she never sent me nobody. And hey, I had a good body back then, I was kinda pretty, long blonde hair, especially when I was in Puerto Rico, Mexico… if she was gonna pimp somebody out, I’d have been number one on the list.”


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