Lana On Rusev And The Rusev Day Chants, Being In The Women's Battle Royal, Daniel Bryan's Return

Lana recently spoke with HollywoodLife while attending the premiere of the "Game Over, Man" movie. Below are highlights:

Her husband Rusev and his recent surge in popularity with the Rusev Day chants:

"I think he is a super athlete and I have been saying that for years. I would introduce him as a super athlete and he truly is one of the best in ring competitors. I also think in Total Divas, he also showed that he is really funny and entertaining. On the show, he shows that he has a great personality."

"I think it took – instead of a "U-S-A" chant, they want to be part of something more. They want to chant 'Rusev Day' because every day is Rusev day!"

Being in the WrestleMania Women's Battle Royal at WrestleMania 34:

"I think going in with a really good strategy and a really good plan is best because I will be in the ring with some of the best women competitors. I mean Sasha Banks, Bayley and some of the strongest women are going to be there. Natalya is going to be there so its like, my plan is to try to hide as much as possible and have as many people eliminated. And then, when the last person is standing, I will attack them from behind! So that is my strategy."

Daniel Bryan returning to the ring:

"We are so excited. We are so excited to have him back. I know for me, personally, I was in tears when he did his speech on coming back because it gives me hope that no matter what anyone says, I am going to continue for my dreams and continue to wrestle and compete."

"The world told him 'no,' and that he would never wrestle again and he is wrestling again. So, I think that gives us all hope to be resilient and to do you no matter what!"


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