Roman Reigns On Ronda Rousey Being 'Thrown Into The Fire,' How She's Doing So Far

Roman Reigns On Ronda Rousey Being 'Thrown Into The Fire'
Roman Reigns was recently a guest on the Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast. During the interview, he gave his thoughts on newly-signed WWE superstar Ronda Rousey.

Rousey debuted with the WWE in January at the Royal Rumble and will make her in-ring debut at WrestleMania 34, where she will team with RAW general manager Kurt Angle against Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Reigns said he hasn't had much interaction with Rousey, but he believes she's done well in her brief time with the WWE. He believes she will benefit from being inserted in such a high-profile rivalry and match so early in her career because it's similar to how he was booked when he first made it to the main roster.

"I've been busy with Brock Lesnar, but what I have seen in the short hello's and the small talk, she has done good," Reigns said. "She is in a crazy situation where she is going to have to learn very fast, and like myself and a few others, she will learn 'trial by error' and be thrown into the fire."

Rousey is an Olympics bronze medalist in Judo and a former UFC bantamweight champion, for which she still holds the record for most consecutive title defenses for a female fighter. The transition from MMA to professional wrestling won't be without its hardships, but Reigns believes Rousey will be able to handle it well. He believes the most important thing for her at this stage of her career is to endure any struggles she may face and continue to improve.

"There will be moments where she does really good stuff, but other moments where she struggles, and you might see that," Reigns said. "But as long as she is progressing and having fun I think it is a positive for everybody having her around."


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