March 18, 2018

Rosemary Talks Impact Starting Women's Revolution, New Impact Wrestling Management Team

Rosemary was recently interviewed by Interactive Wrestling Radio. Here are some highlights:

The Rosemary character catching on:
"We knew it would speak to a certain amount of people. We just didn't, we weren't aware of how many there were or how quickly it would happen. When Decay debut in late January of 2016, later that month we were doing the UK tour. That episode had not yet aired in the UK for our debut. And yet, we stepped out in Manchester and the crowd was already singing our theme song and knew who we were. To have that kind of instant recognition and that instant connection, then that perhaps was the birth of the Hivelings, as they say (laughs) brought to us so very quickly and so very instantaneously. To connect with the audience so quickly was not expected by any of us in Decay. We simply went with it and became, not necessarily, as you mortals like to say, 'good guys' or 'baby faces'? (laughs) We just did what came organically and the people came with us."
What has caused the "Women's Revolution" in wrestling:
"The winds of change are upon us. We are not content to sit on the be a side show, to sit on the sidelines, to let the boys run the show. We will be running it with them just as we did in a very physical representation with Decay. Abyss mixed it up, Steve mixed it up, and Rosemary mixed it up. And we shared an equal part in the group. There was no, 'Rosemary must sit on the sidelines because she's a girl.' No! We did not engage in combat inside the ring for the majority of the first year. But, we were not afraid to mix it up to defend our brothers and to divert the attention. Women are not content to sit on the sidelines anymore. We are not content to be overlooked. We are embracing the power that we have inside of us and forcing change upon this world."
Impact Wrestling starting the trend for women with the Knockouts:
"Absolutely. As we said, it was TNA that inspired us to become a wrestler and to go out and get trained. Growing up, we played wrestling with our cousins and with our siblings and that was based on watching WWE, WWF at the time. But, it wasn't until TNA and we found out that Scott D'Amore runs a school that we learned that this was something that we could do, should do, would do, and must do and that Impact was our goal."
The changes Don Callis and Scott D'Amore have brought to Impact thus far:
"Positive, very positive. Very much that there is a direction and that there is a clear direction and it is forward.Not backwards! Not stagnant! It is forward! They have ideas and they're going to implement them. The flow of the show has changed as you've mentioned, it has been 4 or 5 weeks into the new regime and it is very much a different feel than it has been for the past year. It is very exciting and it is something that we, and hopefully the rest of the roster and the rest of the fans and anyone who is interested to see the growth of wrestling is something that we want to see where it goes and hope everyone comes along to see as well. If you want a good example, the Global Wrestling Network. It is not just Impact. There is a wonderful archive. There is a wealth of independent promotions that are featured on this Network so that people who perhaps have not had access to these shows before are now seeing how far wrestling reaches and how far it is coming. Growing together is an imcredibly important part of moving forward."
You can check out the full interview by clicking here


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