March 17, 2018

Taya Valkyrie Fires Back At Body Shamers

Taya Valkyrie
On Twitter, Taya Valkyrie fired back at people who called her "fat, butter face, and manly" after her segment with Rosemary aired on this week's Impact.

Last year, the Impact star has commented on going through some body issues and being very happy with where she's at currently. Taya wrote:

The comments that I have been reading on the picture posted of me after tonight's airing of impact are nothing short of disgusting. The fact that grown ass adults find it in themselves to speak like that about someone is honestly F'ing pathetic.

Calling someone fat, butter face, manly, ugly and so on and so forth is unacceptable. Take a long look in the mirror next time u feel like commenting. You don't know ppls struggles, stories or lives. Grow the F up.

And quite honestly I've had enough....

So recently I have seen ALOT of comments about me “looking different” on Impact compared to let’s just clear up a few things and discuss some others.....these first two pictures were taken about 2,3 years ago.....yes I’m freaking tiny....the other 2 over the last few weeks. Behind the 6 pack and the fake smile was a miserable person. I was in a bad relationship, I had convinced myself that I wasn’t pretty enough, fit enough or good enough....basically I was in a huge hole of depression and was having anxiety attacks regularly. I am not a stress eater, I’m a stress NO eater. I was miserable. Perro Aguayo my mentor passed away, a year later my sister did, I was NOT in a good place emotionally and looking back on it, it was so obvious. I would break down in tears for no reason and I was a mess! I have always battled self esteem issues and behind the most confident person can sometimes be the most insecure human being ever. Sooooo fast forward to now..... I am now in an amazing place, In not only my profesional life but my personal one. I’m happy, successful, learning more everyday about who I really am, what I want out of life and overall, very happy. I workout because I loveeeeee to train. I don’t workout because I feel fat or because people tell me to, I do it for ME. I squat, I lift, I eat amazing and cook for myself and my little family everyday. I realize I am worthy of having my best life. Your weight does not determine your worth, nor do the people that stand around judging you. Be confident and walk strongly in the directions of your dreams......6 packs don’t make you a better person, nor do they determine if you will be successful or not. Love yourself, be healthy and never let others control your self esteem. My butt is back and so are my legs and my attitude ๐Ÿ˜ˆ it or not hahahaha..... just do you. Hope sharing this story will inspire someone to accept and see how truly amazing each and everyone of us is. There’s only one you....and that you is perfect!
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