March 22, 2018

The "Undead Bride" Su Yung Debuts On Tonight's Impact, Madison Rayne On Finding Opportunities Outside Of Impact Wrestling

Su Yung
Madison Rayne was a recent guest on A Music Blog, Yea? with Alicia Atout; you can read a few highlights and watch the video below:
I spent so many years at Impact [Wrestling] and I’m so grateful for every single second that I was there and continue to be, but I got into that little ‘bubble of comfort’ with those same girls. I didn’t do much outside of that for the longest time. Now that I’m having the opportunities that I am; I’m getting to go out and wrestle all of these girls who I’ve seen on Shimmer, or who I’ve seen on YouTube in different matches. It’s fun for me to get out there and mix it up with these girls, because by shaking it up a little bit, I’m learning again. I feel like you always need to be a student of the game in something like wrestling, so it’s really exciting for me and it’s reignited something in me too.

- On tonight's Impact, Su Yung made her debut by coming through the crowd and attacking Knockouts Champion, Allie, from behind. Yung has wrestled in a number of indie promotions since 2007, including Shimmer and Shine.

Yung has worked for Impact previously, losing to Taryn Terrell at Knockouts Knockdown in 2015. She also worked as one of Dalton Castle's managers at a One Night Only taping.

Yung is the wife of former WWE Star, Rich Swann, and was in the news after Swann was arrested on domestic charges.


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