March 18, 2018

Update on Bayley Possibly Turning Heel

As noted, Sonya Deville replaced Bayley in a mixed tag team match against John Cena and Nikki Bella.

Dave Meltzer discussed Bayley’s status on the latest installment of Wrestling Observer Radio and indicated that the plan is still to turn Bayley heel going into her program against Sasha Banks, however it’s happening much slower than originally expected so they had to pull her from the match as it wouldn’t have made any sense.
“So Bayley was supposed to team with Elias but her heel turn, if in fact it is a heel turn — it appears that she’s the one turning. Has not gone as quickly as first imagined. So they pulled her and put her in a different match and they put Sonya Deville in there who was thrilled to in fact be in the semi-main event with Cena & Nikki Bella against Elias & Sonya Deville.”
If Meltzer’s above claims are right, it’s only a matter of time before WWE pulls the trigger on Bayley a full fledged heel turn as WrestleMania is getting closer by the day.


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