March 13, 2018

Why Ronda Rousey Was Not On RAW Last Night, More On Her Status Moving Forward

Ronda Rousey
Ronda Rousey did not appear on WWE RAW last night because she was ‘incorrectly advertised’ for the event, according to Pro Wrestling Sheet.

According to sources, WWE incorrectly listed Rousey on the show in Detroit last night, because she was already scheduled for medical testing in Pittsburgh. It was stressed that Rousey couldn’t be in Detroit because of the medical tests, and was never a case of her skipping the show for a different obligation.

As far as WWE advertising her for every RAW until Wrestlemania, it appears to be a mistake made by someone who published it, and the rest of the social media platforms follow suit. It is being said, however, that despite the removal of the article about Rousey’s appearances, she WILL be at each RAW until Wrestlemania, but it’s possible she could appear in a combination of televised and dark match segments.


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