March 8, 2018

WWE Releases Abbey Laith, Lana and Rusev Impersonate The Robe Warriors (Video)

WWE Releases Abbey Laith
- Below is new video of Rusev and Lana throwing on their bath robes to mock The Robe Warriors, SmackDown Women's Champion Charlotte Flair and WWE United States Champion Bobby Roode.

Rusev and Lana will face Roode and Flair in Tuesday's Mixed Match Challenge Week 9 match-up.

- Abbey Laith, formerly known as Princess Kimber Lee, has been released from her NXT contract.

Abbey hasn’t confirmed the release on social media and neither has WWE/NXT’s channels, but her last tweet if it’s any indication regarding the sad news is a quote from “Rocky.”

Abbey signed with the company in January of last year. She was featured in the Mae Young Classic in a stand out bout against Jazzy Gabret, but she was very sporadically featured on NXT TV beyond that.


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