April 19, 2018

Brie Bella Denies Report Regarding Her Reaction To John Cena - Nikki Bella Split

Brie Bella Denies Report Regarding Her Reaction To John Cena - Nikki Bella Split
As seen below, Brie Bella took to social media to respond to a report claiming that she wants to kill John Cena "on some level" following his split with Nikki.

"False!!" Brie wrote on her Instagram story, as seen in the photo below.

The quote about killing Cena was from a source who told People that Brie was concerned that Nikki was sacrificing too much in her relationship with Cena.

"On one level, Brie wants to kill him, sure. No one should be allowed to hurt her sister like this. But honestly, on another level, there's relief," the source says. "Nikki was bending over backward to accommodate this guy and everyone, especially Brie, was worried that she was sacrificing way, way too much — most of all, motherhood.

"She [Nikki] will be such an amazing mom someday, and she loves Brie's baby so much. So of course that's what Brie wanted for Nikki. To have to hear her trying to convince herself and everyone else that she would be fine just giving it up, it was so hard. Brie never bought it."

Cena and Bella announced their split this past weekend after dating for six years. They were scheduled to get married on May 5 in Mexico. The source claimed that Nikki's family is optimistic that Nikki can find someone you can give her what she wants.

"There's some relief that at least Nikki can go forward and find someone who will really give her everything she's dreamed of," the source said. "Because that guy isn't John. Never was."


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