Brie ‘Worried Nikki Was Sacrificing Way Too Much’ with John Cena

Brie ‘Worried She Was Sacrificing Way Too Much’ with John Cena
It seems like the stories keep leaking out since the news broke that John Cena and Nikki Bella have separated. is quoting a close source that says that Brie Bella was worried that her sister Nikki was sacrificing too much in the relationship.

“On one level, Brie wants to kill him, sure. No one should be allowed to hurt her sister like this. But honestly, on another level, there’s relief,” the source says. “Nikki was bending over backward to accommodate this guy and everyone, especially Brie, was worried that she was sacrificing way, way too much — most of all, motherhood.”

It’s no secret that Cena never wanted to have children and for years, he indicated that he did not want to get married. said that, according to their source, while Nikki publicly stated that she would be willing to give up being a mother, it was something she struggled with privately.

The source added, “The things she said when she was with John — that she didn’t need to be a wife, or then that she didn’t need to be a mom — that’s just not Nikki.”

The source went on to say that there is relief within the family because Nikki can now find someone who will give her everything she’s dreamed of. “Because that guy isn’t John. Never was.”


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