Reason Why Natalya Was Moved to The RAW Brand

Reason Why Natalya Was Moved to The RAW Brand
Dave Meltzer discussed Natalya being moved to WWE RAW and working with Ronda Rousey. Here is what Meltzer said during today's episode of Wrestling Observer Radio:

“Natalya’s probably a really good first program to do it with because they’re comfortable with each other, they know how to work with each other. I mean they’ve worked enough with each other that Natalya has a better read on Ronda’s wrestling strengths and weaknesses than almost any other woman on the roster. And it was made pretty clear from the start with Natalya going over. So in that sense, It’s a positive [for Natalya] I mean protecting Ronda Rousey is one of the main things that they’re gonna be doing over the next year.”

Natalya has been one of the key people in training Rousey and footage of them training together was uploaded by Rousey several months ago:


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