May 23, 2018

Io Shirai Could Be Closer to WWE

Io Shirai Could Be Closer to WWE
WWE and Io Shirai came close to working something out for her to come in during the first Mae Young Classic but in the end, Kairi Sane was brought in but Io Shirai was not due to WWE finding a neck injury during her examinations.

But it looks like this 28-year-old Japanese star could be getting closer to coming into WWE after all. She’s shown interest in trying it again with WWE and is said to keep have kept her options open. With WWE touring in Japan soon she’s said to be very interested in doing something with them as well when they come to her backyard.

Shirai also dropped her Wonder Of Stardom Championship to Momo Watanabe at today’s Stardom event which could be an even bigger sign she’s cutting strings that hold her in Japan just in case WWE decides to call.


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