May 22, 2018

Lana And Naomi Qualify For Money In The Bank Ladder Match

Lana And Naomi Qualify For Money In The Bank Ladder Match
Tonight on SmackDown Live, Lana and Naomi qualified to this year’s Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder match.

In the first of two Qualifying matches, Lana took on one of half of the IIconics Billie Kay. Prior to the match, the IIconics taunted Lana with a duet song to combat Aiden English’s introduction of Lana.

When the bell rang, English pulled out a “Lana Day” sign which triggered the IIconics to confront and slap him. Lana used the moment to slap Royce across the face and send her to the barricade. Lana then turned her attention to Kay, who throws Lana back into the ring. Once the Superstars met in the middle, Lana hits Kay with a high roundhouse kick and X-Factor combination for the victory! This also marks Lana’s first singles match win.

In the second Women’s MITB Ladder match, Naomi took on Sonya Deville.

Deville used her strength to start things off by grounding Naomi with a waist lock takedown. The Superstar gets to their feet, where Naomi manages to stay evasive of Deville’s offense until a spear brings Naomi back down.

Deville continued her power trip with a body scissors lock and spine buster for a two count. Both Superstars go kick for kick and end up taking each other out. Deville proceeds with knee shots to the midsection and runs the ropes but Naomi ducks and reverses to a roll-up for the three count.

Lana and Naomi now join the following Superstars to this year’s MITB Ladder match:

Alexa Bliss
Becky Lynch
Charlotte Flair
Ember Moon

Next week’s Monday Night Raw gauntlet match will determine the final contender for the MITB Ladder match.


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